College in Brief

The College of Science was first founded in 1963. It started with the first two departments: Chemistry & Mathematics. One year later in 1964, new departments were opened including Biology, Physics & Geology. In 1983, the university of Mosul inaugurated the department of Computer Science.
In 1968, the postgraduate studies (Msc in Biology & Chemistry) started in the college. For the department of Physics, it was launched in 1972. Two years later in 1974, this level of study started in the departments of Geology and Mathematics. Finally, the MSc. in Computer Science started in 1983.
The first PhD certificate was awarded by the department of Chemistry and this was in 1978. Many years later and exactly in 1989, the first PhD in Biology was awarded formally. By the year 1991, all the departments of the college started awarding PhD certificates.
In 1999, the departments of Mathematics & Computer Science were separated into an independent college. However, recently two departments were added to the College of Science: Biophysics and Renewable Energy.
For the time being, the college offers BSc. certificates in six main fields of study: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Geology, Biophysics & Renewable Energy.
For the academic year 2021-2022, the Evening Classes have been re-opened again. These studies included Chemistry, Biology & Geology. Also, for this academic year, the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research approved to change the department of Biophysics into Medical Physics, and open the evening classes in the department itself as well.
The number of graduates of the College of Science to date is 16804 for the undergraduate levels, and more than 880 MSc. holders and 153 graduates for the PhDs.
The college has provided the country with competent people who served their community in different specializations such as Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It is also worth mentioning that our college is considered as a member of the scientific union of the colleges of science of the Association of Arab Universities.