Dean’s Speach

Dear students, administrative and teaching staff of the College of Science, I am extremely happy and proud to be closely working with you. Since the first day I was appointed as the dean of the College of Science, I did not hesitate to draw a feasible plan of work for the departments of the college. However, this plan can be clearly implemented by working together hand in hand to get our main goals done successfully.

Moreover, one of our main goals in this position is to encourage scientific research throughout the departments of the college. We work hard to save everything required by our undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers to achieve their academic and research plans. This stems from our strong insistence to enter the global rankings through the quality of postgraduate research and academic research conducted by our staff as well. This will definitely be positively reflected, especially on the College of Science and the University of Mosul in general.

It is known that for any educational process to succeed and progress, there must be a soul of collaborative effort and work. So, this should be a priority for all of us which is undoubtedly based on promoting the scientific and practical skills of our employees and students. These steps make us persistent to serve our community and its people.

Finally, I would like to kindly remind you that my office doors are always open for any suggestions or activities for the benefit of the college or the university itself and its people. Our university deserves to move forward and re-take its authentic position and reputation among the world of higher education.

Dr. Hiyam Adel Ibrahim Al-Tai