Department of Surgery & Theriogenology


In accord with the vision of the College of Veterinary Medicine, our vision is to provide students a qualitative knowledge in the areas of veterinary surgery, anaesthesiology, diagnostic Imaging and theriogenology.


Providing students of the fourth and fifth stages with theoretical, practical and applied information related to veterinary surgery and animal reproductive science. In addition, preparing postgraduate students in the fields of surgery and animal reproduction.


1- Giving students the basic concepts in veterinary surgery and animal reproductive science.

2- Communicate with the graduates and provide them a scientific information through continuing education courses in the topics of surgery, anaesthesia, obstetrics and artificial insemination.

3- Our department provides advisory, diagnostic and therapeutic services to the owners about animal health, feeding and breeding, through our Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

4- Working with our staff to make sure that our students are receiving the high quality of science.

5- Updating our lectures and teaching materials to be kept in touch with global scientific research.