Vision, mission and goals

The primary instructional mission of the college is the education of veterinary medical students in a variety of disciplines through the seven departments of the college. The clinical services of the college include diagnosis and management of patients diseases, advising livestock owners and farmers the best ways of managing livestock industry, raising animals and improving the quality of production and maintaining health of the animal and man. Continuing education programs further stress these points by offering short courses to graduated veterinarians.The mission of graduate instruction involves a wide variety of disciplines in all the departments of the college. The research and education of graduate students are closely related to the wide interests and mission of research of the faculty members of the college. The requirements of teaching and research led the college to develop a blend of basic science and clinically oriented faculty. Maintenance of high quality of teaching and research as well as diagnostic activities demand highest standards of training, laboratory experience and continuing education of the faculty. Basic and applied researches are important for the diagnosis and control of animal and human diseases especially from zoonotic diseases point of view.