Post graduate studies

Postgraduate studiesPostgraduate studies were established in 1986, starting with MSc degrees (2 years) in veterinary pathology, parasitology, physiology, and microbiology.

Diploma studies (1 year) started in 1987 in poultry diseases, veterinary medicine, and obstetrics; reestablished in 2006, offering a Diploma in internal and preventive veterinary medicine, domesticated avian diseases, and veterinary public health.

Doctoral studies (3 years) were started in 1992 in basic and clinical studies.

Postgraduate degrees offered:

  1. Veterinary Anatomy (MSc)
  2. Veterinary physiology (MSc, Ph.D.)
  3. Veterinary pharmacology and toxicology (Diploma, MSc, Ph.D.)
  4. Veterinary Biochemistry (MSc)
  5. Veterinary microbiology (MSc, Ph.D.)
  6. Veterinary parasitology (MSc, PhD)
  7. Veterinary pathology ( Diploma in avian diseases, MSc, PhD)
  8. Veterinary surgery (Diploma, MSc, PhD)
  9. Veterinary obstetrics (Diploma, MSc)
  10. Internal and preventive veterinary medicine (Diploma, MSc, Ph.D.)
  11. Veterinary public health (Diploma, MSc, PhD)
  12. Veterinary clinical diagnosis (Diploma, MSc)