Veterinary Teaching Hospital

As a component of the College of Veterinary Medicine/ University of Mosul, the Veterinary Teaching Hospital opened in 1989 and is one of the best veterinary hospitals in Mosul city and Iraq. As part of the University of Mosul, Veterinary Teaching Hospital plays an important role in educating the veterinarians of tomorrow and expanding their knowledge to improve animal lives.Veterinary Teaching Hospitals at Colleges of Veterinary Medicine offera services to the people of Mosul city and neighbouring cites utilizing modern medical technology.

The Hospital is dedicated to excellence in the diagnosis, treatment and management of animal health. Modern diagnostic and treatment technologies are available including X-ray, ultrasound and laparoscopy.Third, Fourth and Fifth-year veterinary students and postgraduate students (master and PhD students) work together with clinicians and staff to diagnose, treat and offer advanced treatment options. Our Veterinary Teaching Hospital cares for all animals large and small with staff that specialize in areas ranging from internal medicine to surgery and everything in between. Our hospital brings years of knowledge to all cases, and because we are a teaching hospital, we have a professional staff with a huge specialized knowledge base from which to draw answers.Veterinary Teaching Hospital offer a variety of services in fields of internal medicine, surgery, cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, anesthesiology, radiology, emergency and critical care, dermatology, oncology, theriogenology, abdominal ultrasound, poultry disease and fish diseases.

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital consists of several departments:

  1. The Department of Internal and Preventive Medicine, which consists of the outpatient clinic, diagnostic laboratory, and the hospital pharmacy. Read more..
  2. The Department of Surgery and Theriogenology, which consists of the surgical hall and the veterinary obstetrics hall. Read more..
  3. The Department of Poultry and Fish Diseases, which consists of the Poultry and Fish Diseases Laboratory as well as the Pathological Anatomy Laboratory. Read more..