30 October، 2023

 Launch of the training course on the environment and climate change..

Under the patronage of Professor Dr. Qusay Kamal al-Din al-Ahmadi, President of the University of Mosul, and under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Yusra Majeed al-Shaker, Dean of the College of Environmental Science and Technologies, the training course entitled “Environment and Climate Changes… Effects and Treatment” was launched on Sunday morning, October 29, 2023, which will last for five days during the period. From October 29 until November 2, 2023.

The course explained global warming and its effects on the environment, drought, and its effects, in addition to explaining the function of climate sensitivity and atmospheric heating effort.
The course aimed to propose recommendations for protecting the environment, the negative effects of climate change on water resources, and methods for monitoring drought using remote sensing techniques, in addition to the air conditioning options available to combat climate change.

Delivered by:

– Assistant Professor Dr. Iman Abdel Moneim Al-Jawadi

– Lecturer, Dr. Tahseen Ali Hassan

– Lecturer, Dr. Ali Zain Al-Abidin Haider

– Assistant Professor Mohamed Fakhr El-Din Ahmed

– Assistant lecturer Omar Khairaldin Mohiuddin

– Assistant lecturer Farah Khazal Saeed

Media and Government Communications Division

College of Environmental Science and Technologies