Vision, Mission, objectives


Environmental specialization is considered as one of the most important specializations in the civilized countries of the world and has become one of the urgent specializations and the necessities of the times. The college seeks to provide an appropriate scientific and educational atmosphere that attracts students interested in specializing in the environmental field so that the college can prepare them and give them the skills, scientific values, and scientific ethics to contribute effectively to community service.


The college’s mission includes the following:

Contributing to spreading environmental culture.

Preparing qualified students by building a broad scientific background for them while gaining practical experiences that enable them to deal with environmental data. Developing the graduate’s skills to contribute effectively to work in environmental fields after graduation and to be a platform for radiating and spreading environmental culture in his community, striving to achieve sustainable development goals in the country.


Giving students the opportunity through study curricula that include most scientific topics related to the environment in an academic, practical, and field manner, enabling them to understand and diagnose environmental problems, their causes and consequences, and to work to describe them in an accurate scientific and practical manner, and to develop appropriate solutions for them through designs that address each case in light of its specificity. .

Conducting research that contributes to describing the environmental reality, identifying its problems and their relationship to each other, and proposing possible immediate or long-term solutions to preserve the environment.

The college seeks to establish an environmental consulting office in order to provide expertise and specialized laboratory capabilities to serve the community