Our College in Brief

  The College of Environmental Science and Technologies is one of the most important colleges at the University of Mosul concerned with environmental specializations. It was established on June 12, 2006, and began its duties at the beginning of the academic year (2006 – 2007). The college currently includes three departments: the Department of Environmental Science and the Department of Environmental Technologies, in addition to the Department of Environmental Health which was created recently, in which studies will begin during the current academic year (2023-2024), and work is currently underway to create a fourth department entitled Climate Change. Postgraduate studies (Master’s) were opened in the Department of Environmental Science in the academic year (2012 – 2013). It is hoped to open a master’s degree in the Department of Environmental Technology during the next year after obtaining all necessary approvals to begin the study. The College of Environmental Science and Technologies contributes to providing society with graduates whose specializations enable them to understand and describe environmental problems with modern scientific concepts and develop effective solutions that can be implemented. The college also contributes to community service by holding conferences, seminars, and workshops concerned with environmental problems and their side effects on the individual and society. The number of graduate courses is thirteen batches for undergraduate study and six batches for postgraduate studies, and the number of teaching staff in the college is (87) with various academic titles.