Dean Speech

By the name of Allah, the most gracious the most merciful Praise be Allah, who created the heavens and the earth, and made the darkness and the light …Prayers of Allah be upon our prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) … The environment is one of the most important issues that have begun to draw the attention of the world’s nations. This concern is based on environmental pollution challenges and their negative impact on humans, creatures, and all the elements of the environment. The catastrophic damage of pollution includes the spread of diseases, affecting biodiversity, desertification, and global warming. Therefore, it was obligatory to have a global move to develop international and local scientific bodies and institutions to conduct environmental research, assess risks and define their dimensions, and then devise solutions through enacting environmental laws and legislations, establishing educational and academic programs, research projects and developing individual and societal environmental awareness to address the effects of environmental pollution. In view of the growing global and local interest in environmental specialization and the great lack of interest in the environment in Iraq for decades, the response was to establish environmental research centers and among these institutions was the College of Environmental Science and Technologies at the University of Mosul, which was unique in its specialization at the level of Iraq. The College was established and started its duties at the beginning of the academic year (2006-2007). The college is constituted of two departments (Department of Environmental Science) and (Department of Environmental Technologies) in addition to graduate studies. The college provide graduates who can specialize in understanding and describing environmental problems and develop appropriate scientific solutions through which to enter the field of practical implementation with local capabilities. The college also contributes to serving society through the provision of specialized scientific advice. The college has initiated from its initiation to hold conferences, seminars and environmental courses, and openness to society to raise the level of environmental awareness, and the college is looking to complete its path in protecting the environment, hoping that the issue of the environment is everyone’s responsibility.

Prof. Dr. Yousra Majeed Shihab Al-Shaker

College of Environmental Science and Technologies

Mosul Universit