About the college

Name of the College: College of Fine Arts

The College logo:





Flag of the College: consists of purple and yellow colors

Photos of the College:

Establishment of departments and branches of the College:

       – Department Name Year of Establishing
·        Department of Performing Arts: Acting Branch

·        Department of Performing Arts: Directing Branch

·        1995-1996

·        2004-2005

·        Department of Plastic Arts: Painting Branch

·        Department of Plastic Arts: Sculpture Branch

·        1995-1996

·        2007-2008

·        Department of Art Education ·        2005-2006
·        Department of Performing Arts: Postgraduate Studies – Master ·        2019-2020

Number of Teaching Staff by Academic Title:

Professor: 3

Assistant Professor: 9

Lecturer: 17

Assistant Lecturer: 16

Number of Teaching Staff by Certificate:

Ph.D.: 15

M.D.: 30

Number of Employees:

  • 75

Project of the College:

About Nineveh Governorate:

The city of Mosul is one of the most prominent cities of scientific, cultural, and artistic giving throughout its long history full of pages of creativity through its successive generations, so it was the focus of cultural interaction, as bloggers point out that its many pioneers are students of knowledge due to a large number of its schools, scientists, and artists.

In the middle of the twentieth century, Mosul witnessed a major artistic renaissance in all artistic fields, where artists were inspired by its heritage, civilization, and historical data. Hence, the artworks were expressive in the most authentic expressions.

The Iraqi city of Mosul has lost many of its historical features and landmarks after being held captive by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) for more than three years, during which it was subjected to a systematic destruction process through which the terrorist organization sought to erase and cancel its cultural heritage, By obliterating existing monuments sometimes and exposing the older portion to bombardment at other times, but those who think that the decline of the art in times of war are mistaken, as the artist has another opinion stating the fact of motivation to express himself His indignation is greater and leads him to search for new ways of resistance through art, and therefore all the human situations generated by exceptional circumstances stimulate the artist’s feather and the creativity of the actor to always be at the level of ambition.

About the College of Fine Arts:

The College of Fine Arts at the University of Mosul is an important scientific, cultural, and artistic edifice in Nineveh Governorate, one of its duties is to enhance the capabilities of the individual and society artistically and cognitively, and the College aims to create an academic environment that stimulates creativity and innovation.

Since its establishment in 1994, the College has been confirming its presence in the building and developing society, as the College includes three scientific departments (Department of Performing Arts – Department of Fine Arts – Department of Art Education) in addition to postgraduate studies in some departments. Hence, the College of Fine Arts at the University of Mosul is one of the main essential outlets for graduating creators and artists who support the artistic and cultural scene in the city of Mosul.

The College is moving towards excellence in its outputs by encouraging its students to excel and positively influence all work fields by caring for them scientifically and educationally, refining their talents, and pushing them to perform their duties towards society.

The College tends to raise quality and performance in education so that graduates can acquire knowledge and skills that may positively affect the labor market.

The harsh conditions experienced by Nineveh Governorate that left their apparent effects on the city’s landmarks were an incentive for art institutions, led by the College of Fine Arts, to go towards their topics and employ them in different artistic frameworks and styles. This interest came under the requirements of change and as a goal to create climates different from that dark period. Hence, the College of Fine Arts confirmed its conscious presence through theatrical performances, plastic exhibitions, and humanitarian projects that unleashed the unspoken, so it carried the concern that the city and its residents suffered over three years. The result was new frontiers that art in Mosul was unfamiliar with previously and systems that rearranged and framed the relationship with the recipient.

The most significant achievements of the College:

 1- (23) batches for morning study and (5) evening study were graduated.

2- Holding art exhibitions (drawing, sculpture, ceramics) at the university level and outside.

3- Holding theater festivals inside and outside the university.

4- Participation in many art exhibitions outside the country.

5- Holding training courses to learn painting, sculpture, and ceramics.

6- For several years, the College won first place in the creative arts competition held annually by the University of Mosul.

7- Participation in festivals outside Iraq (theatrical works, exhibitions).

8- Postgraduate studies (MD) in acting were opened in 2019-2020.