Department of Plastic Arts

The Department was established in 1995. It includes the branches of painting and sculpture. It has participated in art exhibitions held inside and outside the university. It grants a Bachelor of Arts in painting and sculpture.

Department Academic Staff

Name Academic Rank
Dr. Hamid I. Alrashdy Professor/ Head of Department
Dr. Mohammed I. Khalaf Lecturer
Dr. Ashraf N. Abdulhadi Lecturer
Dr. Hassan M. Noori Lecturer
Dr. Alwan Kh. Mahmoud Lecturer
Muhammad Th. Saleh Assistant Professor
Aws M. Abdulaziz Assistant Lecturer / Department Rapporteur
Ferdows B. Yashou Teacher of Technique
Tariq M. Table Teacher of Technique
Yasser I. Hammadi Teacher of Technique
Hala Mustafa Abo elizz Assistant Lecturer
Azhar H. Mahmoud Assistant Lecturer
Zainab S. Ezzedine Assistant Lecturer
Ali Gh. Mohammed Assistant Lecturer
Ali H. Hammo Assistant Lecturer
Mohammad T. Jamal Assistant Lecturer
Mohammad N. Abdullatif Assistant Lecturer
Omar F. Jabbar Assistant Lecturer
Safaa A. Zaki Assistant Lecturer