Department of Art Education


The department was founded in 2006. the department has participated in artistic and educational events and activities inside and outside the university in Iraq and the Arab world. It grants a Bachelor of Arts in art education.

Academic Staff


Name Academic Rank
Dr. Hadeel S. Ismaeel Assistant Professor / Head of Department
Dr. Nada A. Aziz Lecturer
Wissam Kh. Musa Assistant Professor
Ammar A. Othman Assistant Lecturer / Department Rapporteur
Zeina S. Yousef Assistant Professor
Ziad Kh. Hassan Assistant Professor
Azhar R. Aziz Lecturer
Anwar M. Younis Lecturer
Rowaida W. Mohammed Lecturer
Karam M. Ahmed Lecturer
Shaima H. Ibrahim Assistant Lecturer
Nour Kh. Mahmoud Assistant Lecturer


Form of Academic Program Description

Academic Program Description