college council

college council.

Members of the college council   2023-2024

Dr. Wissam Nemat Ibrahim Al Saadi / Chairman of the Board (Dean of the College)

Dr. Khalaf Ramadan Muhammad Al-Jubouri/ Member (Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs)

Dr. Muhammad Siddiq Muhammad Abdullah/ Member (Assistant Dean for Scientific and Student Affairs)

Dr. Isser Essam Daoud / Member (Head of Private Law Branch)

Dr. Muhammad Abbas Hamoudi /Member (Head of Public Law Branch)

Dr. Abdulaziz Ramadan Ali Al-Khattabi/Member (Head of Human Rights Branch)

Dr. Rawa Mahmoud Younis Al-Najjar/Member (Quality Assurance Division Officer)

Dr. Doula Ahmed Abdullah/Member (Secretary of the College Council)

Dr. Fathi Mohamed Fathi Elhayani/Member (Teaching Representative)