Deanes speech

Dean of College of law / University of Mosul

A word from the Dean of the college of Law
Assistant Professor Dr. Wissam Nemat Ibrahim Al-Saadi
The College of Law at the University of Mosul represents a wonderful and distinguished scientific symbol in the world of thought, science and creativity. It is an academic institution that works with a sober approach and knowledge bases to advance various legal studies. It is a platform for building, developing and developing legal expertise. It is the realistic framework for the construction of in-depth studies in the philosophy of law and theories of truth, representing Her study is an extension of future schools in the science of law, and it is enough for her to be proud to embody a state of pride in the biography of the creators of the first generation .
And because it serves the community and stems in its proposals from its mercy, it does not delay for a moment in dealing with its issues and addressing its concerns. Rather, it finds in the humanitarian affairs of the daily life of the community a platform to move in the areas of legal support and community communication in order to establish a state of interaction with legal culture and with the data of legal sciences The female employee is in the service of the Iraqi society, building its capabilities and meeting its needs at the level of legal thought. Therefore, it is a college that combines realism and idealism in its bid, and tries to come close permanently to the concerns and aspirations of society, and to draw clear landmarks for the individual and the state based on clear and specific legal foundations.
The College of Law will continue to embody a pioneering model in the travel of knowledge, with its mission to build the human being, develop his capabilities, and fortify society by providing all sectors and social, economic and cultural activities with human rights expertise and legal culture and to constitute a real source of support for judicial bodies and help in developing democratic experiences and influencing the work of the executive and legislative authorities. It uses all its energies to achieve the government program approaches and to reach ideal applications that guarantee sustainable development, rational management and governance, and push the movement of renaissance and creativity forward thanks to its wonderful famil