Evening study

About the evening study:
The Registration/Evening Study Division was created in the 1994-1995 school year to accommodate those wishing to obtain a law degree (law) who were not allowed to continue their education in the morning study, or who wished to obtain a law degree.
As the Division of Student Affairs and Registration/Evening Studies consists of the Division Head, who is responsible for managing student affairs, accompanied by the functional staff, unit officials (continuers, graduates, electronic archiving, chest health).
Terms of submission:-
* An international student who holds a high school diploma from outside the country may apply to evening studies in government colleges through the Central Admission Department / Immigrants Division exclusively, in reference to Chapter Five H-1- Fifth of the Student Affairs Procedures Manual and Admission Controls.
* It is required to apply for evening studies that the student be an Iraqi national and hold an Iraqi middle school certificate with its biological and applied scientific branches and the literary branch supported by the approval of the General Directorate of Education in the governorate or an equivalent certificate. And that the minimum limit is (65%), with the possibility of authorizing the university councils to reduce the minimum limits of acceptance rates by no more than (3) degrees according to the needs of the governorate and the university in accordance with the principle of the independence of universities.
* Non-Iraqi students (residents) who have obtained the Iraqi secondary certificate are initially accepted into the evening study.
* Students who have their restrictions in the morning study are entitled to apply for the evening study, provided that the enrollment is not promoted due to cheating or disciplinary punishment.
* The student who has completed the registration procedures in the central admission is not entitled to register in the evening study unless a request is submitted to cancel the admission after his registration, and he is not entitled to return to his central admission again.
* Ministers and those of their rank, members of the House of Representatives and those with special grades are not entitled to apply for admission to the evening study.
* Among the conditions for applying in the evening study is that a written pledge is taken from the student applying for the evening study, which includes this pledge that he is not included in the special grades. Otherwise, his acceptance is canceled by the ministry after being informed of the matter.
Vision, mission, goals
Working hard for excellence in performing the best services for our students, including continuing and alumni, and building bonds of continuous cooperation with them in the service of our scientific career.
the message:
Striving to overcome the difficulties that auditors may face in order to reach the advancement of our esteemed college and give a bright picture of the work accomplished by the Registration Division.
The Registration Division aims to create a database for students, provide an experienced cadre on daily administrative work and develop administrative capabilities in order to interact positively with auditors, whether graduates or those continuing in the study, as well as accurately accomplish the work entrusted to the Registration Division by the Deanship.