University Counseling Unit

The University Guidance UnitSeeking from faculty of law to take care of students and improve the level of their scientific and ethical performance in order to identify problems and obstacles hindering their scientific career , The Guidance Unit was establishment in the faculty of law for the academic year 2012_ 2011 to take its role in the care of students and find out their problems . and inform the deanship of college to work on solving and demonstrating the difficulties faced by the students .The unit has special procedure and program to carry out its tasks and prevent. The coordinator of this unit and quality assurance and university performance section it being through the preparation of the latter and special work for the guidance unit insolvent that students the most important input quality.Vision ,Message & GoalsVisionThe vision of the unit starts from its endeavor to nurture the college and improve the level of scientific and moral performance and stand on what they suffer over the problems and constraints of treatments and development of successful solution to them .MessageThe guidance unit seeks to embodiment its mission through the task of selecting a committee from the faculty professors to assume the tasks of counseling and achieve continuous communication with students through regular and continuous meetings to acquaint and inform them with the regulation and university instructions to establish a sense of responsibility towards the educational institution and those are an important component in it .Goals1_ to improve the level of scientific of the faculty of law and reach them to the level of quality in their scientific performance.2_ Reach the college students to the highest degree of sophistication and moral to be right or strong protectors of the right in the future .3_ Promote the college students to be the most distinguished among his colleague at the Mosul university .4_ Achieving legitimate and objective competition among the students quality program and seeking to develop it . * The Educational guidance unit established in the faculty of law _ University of Mosul under administrative order No 9/3/19593 on 26/10/2011,and can be found the activities and committee of this unit through the main home .* the formation of the Educational Guidance Unit for the academic year 2012_ 2013