13 September، 2023

Master Thesis Viva _Physics Department

Master Thesis Viva in the College of Education for Pure Science entitled ” Study of Nuclear Structure of Even-Even 170-180 Os Isotop”

The College of Education for Pure Science, University of Mosul, has done the Master Thesis Viva entitled ” Study of Nuclear Structure of Even-Even 170-180 Os Isotop”,

On Wednesday, September 13, 2023, the College staff including the respected Dean of the College, Assistant Professor Dr. Qais Ismail Ibrahim, the Honorable Scientific Associate and Administrative Associate, the Honorable Head of the Department of Physics, and a number of the college’s teachers were attended the viva.

This study, presented by the Master student Fatima Mhammed Ali Ahmad

in the Department of Physics, measures the ground state band (GSB), β, and γ bands for even-even 170-180Os isotopes using the interacting boson model (IBM-1), the semi-empirical equation (SEF), and the new experimental equation (NEE). The characteristics of these nuclei were determined by calculating the ratio between the second excited state and the first excited state . This ratio provides initial information about the properties of the nucleus. The results showed that the isotopes 170Os and 172Os have soft gamma properties of O(6), and the isotopes 174Os and 176Os have properties between O(6) soft gamma and SU(3) rotational.

Furthermore, the isotopes 178Os and 180Os have rotational properties SU(3).

The parameter coefficients of the two equations SEF and NEE were determined by fitting the ground energy levels and the Beta and gamma energy levels. After calculating the energy states using the three methods (IBM-1, SEF, and NEE) and comparing them with available experimental data. The experimental data correspond most closely to the equation (NEE).

In addition, the reduced transition probabilities B(E2) derived from the IBM-1 model correspond well with the results of the available experimental data. IBM-1 was also used to study potential energy surfaces due to its importance in determining the final shape of the nucleus, confirming the determinations of those isotopes.


The Viva committee was chaired by Asst. Prof. Dr. Malik Hussien Kheder/University of AL-Hamdaniya/College of Education and the membership of Asst. Prof. Dr. Rawaa Naji Nayef , University of Mosul / College of Education for Pure Science, Asst. Prof. Dr. Rabee Behnam Khidr / University of Mosul / College of Education for Pure Science, and under the supervision and membership of Prof. Dr. Mushtaq Abed Dawood AL- Jubbori, University of Mosul / College of Education for Pure Science.