17 March، 2024

Master thesis on “The Urban Characteristics of the Transitional Zone Surrounding the Old City of Mosul- a Comparative Study –”

A Master thesis was discussed in Department of Architecture Engineering / College of Engineering at University of Mosul entitled “The Urban Characteristics of the Transitional Zone Surrounding the Old City of Mosul- a Comparative Study –”, submitted by postgraduate student (Mohammad Sulayman Dawood Sulayman Al-Saffar), Supervised by Assist. Prof. Mazin Jabir Omar On Sunday, March 17th, 2024.

The study attempts to address the concept of the “Transitional Zone” of the Arab-Islamic city and determine its distinctive urban characteristics compared to the old city on the one hand، and the parts of the modern city on the other.

This study deals with the transitional area around the Old City of Mosul as a case study as it is one of the oldest Arab-Islamic cities in Iraq and has its strategic importance through the components of its urban fabric، In general، it is noted that there is a knowledge gap in that no identity or special definition of the Transitional Zone has been identified in most previous studies and research، which constitutes an important stage of the growth and expansion of the old and modern city، and the urban characteristics of the transitional area have not been given the appropriate importance، and therefore there is a lack of knowledge among some experts and specialists in the field of urban planning and city growth in determining the urban characteristics of this area.

The study came in an introduction and five chapters، the first chapters – the first، second and third – represented the theoretical side of it، while the fourth and fifth chapters represented the applied part of it، On the theoretical side، the historical approach was followed to study traditional architecture and the urban landscape and its components and characteristics، which contributed to enriching the recommendations of the study، The study sought to give knowledge and clarity to the identity of the transitional zone to open the way for researchers who are concerned with the development and development of that region and its history from a conceptual and scientific side، and accordingly can determine the policies chosen for the correct urban development of that area، The study concluded with a set of final conclusions and recommendations as solutions to the problem of the study، the most important of which is the work of regulations and design standards to preserve the identity and public character of the region that achieve the objectives of the study.