College in brief

The College of Computer science and Mathematics was established on 28 July 1999, with the constituent departments: mathematics, computer science, and statistics. The first-year college accepted 247 Students. Software department established in 2002, and Research Operations and Intelligence Techniques department opened in 2010 and it was the first department of this specialization at the level of Iraqi public universities. In the academic year 2022-2023 the college accepted 608 Students. Establishing Computer science and Mathematics College at Mosul University, came in connection with the huge information that revolution has swept the world. It has proceeded and still moving towards continuous modernization in order to make the information accessible to all. The College prepares its graduates to work in the state institutions on the edges of their scientific specializations, provided with abundant information on computer systems and software with potential applications to ensure rapid and accurate access to data and results.

As the postgraduate studies are the most prominent indicator of the college’s engagement with its scientific specializations, Computer Science, Mathematica, Statistics and Informatics and Software departments of the college have their postgraduate studies program