Department of networks Science

The Department of Networks was established in the College of Computer Science and Mathematics in the academic year 2022-2023 to provide the community and the labor market with specialized energies of specialists in computer network systems, develop their capabilities, and practice professions related to design, development and maintenance of wired and wireless computer networks and their software to keep pace with the massive and rapid development in the field to achieve leadership and excellence in The field of computer networks and information technology at the level of Iraq and the region.


Achieving leadership and excellence in the field of information technology related to computer networks and for the department to be useful at the level of Iraq and the region by providing the community with effective energies in computer network systems and developing their abilities to interact and communicate with others to reach the information society.


We seek to provide distinguished education in the field of computer networks in accordance with international standards, produce creative research that serves higher education, and provide technical consultations to raise the level of community performance.


Preparing scientifically and educationally qualified cadres that suit the labor market and the needs of development areas.
Encouraging scientific research in theoretical and applied sciences, encouraging the conduct of research related to development programs, as well as supporting future research.
Continuous development of curricula at the primary and graduate level, in accordance with contemporary cognitive, methodological and technical innovations.
Participating in community service through direct and continuous interaction with its institutions, providing scientific consultations, and promoting continuing education programs.
Strengthening ties with corresponding departments in regional and global universities and academic institutions and interacting positively with their successful scientific experiences and expertise.

Dr. Ayad Hussein Abdel Qader Al-Ezzi