Mr. Dean’s speech

The college of Computer Science and Mathematics was established in 28/7/1999 ,it included the Mathematics , Computer Science and Statistics departments. The main purpose of the establishing the college was making a staff which is specialized in the fields of Computer Science , Mathematics, Statistics, information and related Science. enhancing the positive interaction among these Science In addition to conducting Scientific and practical and practical researches. strengthening the relationships with the community through offering Scientific courses in Computer networks and programs in addition to the knowledge of Mathematics and Statistics and in order to open wider channels with the community. The evening study in the department of Computer Science was launched in order to promote the college Scientific field. There for the laboratories were equipped with the latest modern technologies in order to put all the innovations within the reach of the students. thus , the college came in the second order at the level of the corresponding college in the Universities of Iraq for the academic year 2009-2010 in the annual assessment adopted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research