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Computer Science Department

The Department in Brief

The department of Computer Science (CS) was established in 1983. It was one of the College of Science departments until July 7, 1999. Then, it joined the College of Computer Science and Mathematics when it was first established on July 28, 1999. The department of CS aims to integrate the concepts of Computer Science and the other science fields. It also aims to enrich students with the required knowledge that contributes in developing many software projects that can be adopted by the local institutions. The department also seeks to enable students in evaluating different kinds of life problems/issues and how to find the optimal technological solutions. This is achieved by providing students with the most recent programming concepts and tools. In addition, the department tries to teach students on how to think properly, how to gain skills, and how to work as teams. This can be performed through the yearly regular projects, university and college competitions, and the graduation projects. Another goal of the department is to prepare the students to be qualified for the graduate programs (High Diploma, Masters, and Doctorate programs). Finally, the department of CS aims to bridge the market needs with its academic programs in a professional way.

The Vision of Computer Science Department

The department aspires to be a pioneer in the field of computer science, as its interest is focused on developing and employing contemporary technology and computer systems to serve the scientific process and enrich society with it.

The Message of Computer Science Department

The department seeks to contribute effectively to preparing and graduating efficient and distinguished cadres in the field of contemporary technology and computer systems, with various primary and higher degrees, to serve the community.

The objectives of the computer science department

1. Providing the various sectors of the labor market and society with professionally qualified scientific cadres for software development.

2. Developing the abilities of undergraduate and postgraduate students to positively and effectively participate in community service.

3. Strengthening the link with society by linking scientific research with the problems facing state institutions and the private sector through the development of applied research.

4. Giving importance to scientific cooperation with the corresponding departments in the field of scientific research, studies and research.

5. Integration with other disciplines in order to find new scientific solutions.

6. Gaining the skills to present ideas and work within one team through cooperative learning, scientific activities and graduation projects.


Dr . Wael Wadullah Mahmood Hadeed





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