Department of Cyber Security Science


The Cyber Security Department aims to keep abreast of the rapid developments taking place in the field of cyber security locally and globally. Where the creation of this specialization comes in response to the rapid development in digital transformation processes and the high rates of electronic attacks and the risks of hacking cyber systems. Therefore, the specialization aims to qualify a generation that possesses the necessary knowledge and skills
To use various tools to detect and address intrusions and vulnerabilities. The specialization also includes many scientific and practical materials related to ethical hacking, digital forensics, cryptography, cyber warfare, cloud computing, and network security. Many programming languages related to cybersecurity and cloud computing have also been included, such as Python, for development
Various security tools. The decision to establish this specialization came after consultation with specialists in the field of computer science and the public and private labor market. Where it was necessary to prepare national competencies to provide the local community with qualified graduates and researchers in the field of cybersecurity, thus contributing to the development of the infrastructure to provide cybersecurity services required to improve the performance and safety of public and private institutions in Iraq by providing an advanced and renewable study program based on the requirements of the labor market and the latest research in this area.

 Dr. Auday Hashim AL-Wattar