Events of the Year

Seminars, conferences, workshops and other activities for the year 2023

The first scientific symposium entitled “The University Environment and its Role in Promoting the Behavior of Mosul University Students” on 16/1/2023

Holding the first scientific workshop for the year 2023 – electronic extortion 18-1-2023

Launching the smart electronic card project for students of the University of Mosul in the College of Computer Science and Mathematics 1-23-2023

The first scientific symposium on cyber security 1-3-2023

The fifth scientific workshop tagged Digital Forensics ((Digital Forensics)) 3/29/2023
The third scientific symposium on “Building Smart Cities Applications Using the Internet of Things and Fifth Generation Networks” 4/3/2023

The Sixth Scientific Workshop 4/5/2023 tagged “Internet of Things with Blink Application and Web Server”








Iftar banquet 4-10-2023








The seventh and second scientific workshop of the Department of Cybersecurity, Cybercrime and Society (Prevention and Solutions) 10-4-2023


A scientific workshop entitled ((Basics of Programming in the Labor Market)) Rehabilitation and Employment Unit 4-11-2023







The signing of a cooperation agreement 4-13-2023 between the Honorable President of the University of Mosul, Professor Dr. Qusai Kamal Al-Din Al-Ahmadi, and the Honorable Governor of Nineveh Najm Al-Jubouri in various scientific, literary and cultural fields, in the presence of members of the University Council



Opening of the Cyberspace Hall 4-17-2023


The eighth scientific workshop tagged ((Your way to be a data scientist and the pivotal roles of this specialization)) 4-26-2023





The fourth scientific symposium tagged “The Role of Operations Research Models in the Health Field” 3-5 of the year 2023