19 February، 2024

Sustainability of Hatra – Case Study

The City of the Sun is located at the heart of the northern desert of the Jazira in Nineveh Governorate in northern Iraq. It is located in-between Tigris and Euphrates rivers on the northwestern outskirts of Iraq, and on Wadi al-Tharthar, which passes to the east of it by about 3 to 4 kilometers. The ruins and remains of the city of Hatra are about 110 km southwest of Mosul, and about 50-60 km northwest of Shirqat (Assyria). The influence of the Kingdom of Hatra extended to Tigris River from the east and Euphrates from the west, and from the Sinjar Mountains in the north to the outskirts of Ctesiphon/Mada’in in the south, but in the era of its prosperity, its influence extended northward beyond Sinjar, until it reached Al-Khabur in the far north of Iraq.

Assistant Professor Dr. Fawaz Hamid Hamo Al-Nish

Lecturer Asmaa Khalid Gargees Hamada