Vision,  Mission and Objectives

College of Education for Humanities is one of the distinguished colleges of the University of Mosul. It was founded in 1975 under the name of the College of Education. It included two groups of Departments according to the nature of the study or specialization. The humanity Departments include the English Department, Department of Arabic, Department of History, Department of Geography, and Department of Quranic Sciences and Islamic Education. The task of teaching and supervising students is undertaken by elite teachers whose number amounts to 252. These efforts are incorporation with several technicians and officials at the different Departments of the College and administrations whether they are permanent or temporary. They all attempt and contribute to supporting the scientific and educational march for broad horizons of progress.  College of Education for Humanities awards a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. Degree in the aforementioned specializations in addition to awarding Higher Diploma at Departments of Geography and  Educational and Psychological Sciences.

Vision: The College of Education for Humanities seeks to take the leading position among the academic institutions which work on developing the teaching and educational system at all levels. It develops the scientific, educational departments, and humanities in Iraqi universities, and it cooperates with the colleges of other universities to expand the horizon of scientific, educational, and learning research. It also attempts to achieve the leading role in the field of teaching, training, and research in human, social, and linguistic sciences.  Also, the College aims at enhancing the scientific level in a manner that suits the scientific visions which help improve the quality of learning to serve the community.

Mission: The mission of the College is to support the learning and educational march through cooperating with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of  Youth and Sports, Ministry of Health, and other governmental institutions. This task is also seen in cooperation with teachers and researchers specialized in humanities, educational and scientific topics in the correspondent colleges in Iraqi and Arab universities. It is typical of the mission of the College to prepare teachers and researchers, to develop the learning programs and policies, and to offer human and scientific activities and consultations to the different governmental institutions in all scientific specializations and humanities.

Goals: The College of Education for Humanities seeks to develop its research and teaching capabilities to create a great learning environment whose task is to prepare teaching staffs to teach in primary and secondary schools, and institutes, to provide them during the period of study with different educational and scientific skills, and to give methods of teaching and recent educational technologies associated with the field of training. It also aims to prepare educational staff who can improve the community and develop it.