College Board

The board of the College of Education for Humanities is chaired by the dean, Professor Hazim Thanoon Ismail. Members of the board are:

Assistant professor Asim Khalil Ahmed (assistant dean for scientific affairs)

Professor Saad Ramadan Mohammed (assistant dean for administrative and financial affairs)

Assistant professor Ismail Fathi Al-Bajjari (head of the department of Engllish)

Professor Ameen Luqman Mohammed Al-Habbar (head of the department of Arabic)

Professor Suhaib Hasan Khudur (head of the departmet of geography)

Assistant professor Yasir Mahfoudh Hamid (head of the departemt of educational sciences and educaional psychology)

Assistant professor Hamid Mohammed Taha (head of the department of geography)

Mudhur Haidar Mahmood (head of the department of Quranic sciences and Islamic education)