Department of Educational Sciences and Educational Psychology

The department was established in 1978, and the department contributes to accepting graduate students from preparatory schools in both its scientific and literary branches, and the first graduates from male and female teachers’ institutes and certified teachers. The department grants graduates a bachelor’s degree in educational and psychological sciences. The first course for undergraduate students graduated in 1982. The evening study was opened in 2007/2008, and postgraduate studies were introduced for master’s studies in 1986/1987 and doctoral studies in 1995/1996, and for diploma studies in 1999/2000.

The department aims to prepare teachers to teach in male and female institutes, and educational counselors in secondary schools, as well as to work in social welfare institutions and courts. As for the study system, it is represented by the annual system, while the system used in postgraduate studies is the semester system (courses).

The College of Education for Human Sciences, with its six departments, aims to provide educational institutions in the Ministry of Education, especially secondary schools, with qualified teaching staff in the humanities, by preparing them theoretically and practically for the teaching profession over a period of four years. However, the Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences in the college exceeds the main goal of the college; in addition to preparing his students for the teaching profession, it also qualifies them to work as educational counselors in schools, as well as qualifies them to work as social researchers in the institutions of the Ministry of Justice.

In the field of community service,  and given that the department contains professors with advanced scientific titles and various precise specializations, it provides its services to reach many segments of society. Specialists in teaching methods are in direct contact with teachers of various subjects in the schools of the Ministry of Education through periodic training and development courses that allow them to communicate with the latest results of research and studies in the field of teaching and educational technology.

Psychology specialists in its various branches provide everything that can be provided to centers that deal with orphans, the elderly, patients with autism, depression, and mental health in general, not to mention the specializations of educational administration, psychological counseling, educational guidance, sociology, and what they provide to those concerned. The department also opens advanced specializations through graduate studies channels in higher diplomas, master’s and doctoral degrees, through which it attracts outstanding students from departments of other faculties.

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