Department of History

A scientific organizational structure that seeks to activate the knowledge system. The study period is four years. The graduate is awarded a bachelor’s degree in general history. The history department in the College of Education for Human Sciences includes morning studies only. The scientific staff of the History Department in the College of Education for Human Sciences is distinguished by scientific competence and high ability in conveying knowledge to the minds of their students who found in it what suits their needs for advancement away from ignorance and its darkness.

The department aims to emphasize the human being as a supreme value and the basis for acquiring science and knowledge, developing academic programs in the humanities to keep abreast of knowledge and scientific developments, creating a good generation that carries in its flanks the achievement of the comprehensive development of society, providing complete education to prepare qualified educational teachers who are able to acquire knowledge by themselves, providing scientific advice in diverse fields, and last but not least holding conferences and seminars covering important and different vital topics.


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