Welcome From The Dean

A Word of the Dean of the College

In the Name of Allah the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful With much pleasure, we are glad to welcome you in the web of the college which is considered as a direct line of communication between the college and the society. The college of Education for Humanities represents a stream of knowledge that contributes in making a promising generation of community builders and leaders who are eager to gain knowledge in order to contribute in the progress of the country in general and that of the city of Mosul in particular. We keep working on introducing best ways for good learning because we believe that our students have the rights to get good learning with high efficiency and excellence criteria for building the community. This web serves the aspirations of the university in general and the college in particular for participating in the process of higher education, academic perfection and community progress. The web also expresses all information about the college activities regarding it as a great monument for knowledge throughout its six departments (the department of English, Arabic, History, Geography, Qur’an Sciences and Islamic Education, and Educational Psychology). This college is known by its high potentials in all fields because it prepares specialized staff with great experts who look for raising the level of education by infrastructure and improved teaching methods.

Dr. Hazim Thanoon Ismael

The dean of the college of Education for Humanities.