About the College of Education for Humanities..

About the College of Education for Humanities

The College of Education for Humanities is one of the colleges of the University of Mosul.

It was established in 1975, and it includes the humanities departments represented by the departments of English, Arabic language, History, Geography, Quran Sciences, Islamic Education and Educational and Psychological Sciences.

As for evening study, it includes the departments of English, Quran Sciences, Arabic language, Educational and Psychological Sciences, and Islamic Education.

A good group of teachers teach and supervise students.

Their efforts go in terms with a number of other good technicians and employees in the various departments of the college

and the administration who all endeavour and contribute to the enhancement of the scientific and educational process of the college and directing it towards broad horizons of progress,

and the College of Education grants a bachelor degree in all the disciplines mentioned above ,

and master and doctoral degrees in all its departments, in addition to granting a diploma in the Department of Geography,

and the college is moving steadily and confidently towards its predetermined planned goals,

and one of the first goals is to prepare good and efficient teaching staff to supplement the teaching impact in Nineveh Governorate,

represented by intermediate, preparatory and secondary schools and institutes with energetic teaching staff that contribute well to supporting the tutorial and educational process in the governorate and its communication and reaching promising scientific stages.

The graduates of the college are distinguished, in addition to their scientific degrees acquired during the study through their acquisition of different educational skills and broad knowledge of teaching methods and educational techniques,

and the College of Education contributes to supporting the society and building its cultural and cognitive assets in terms of its annual graduation of allumni .