20 May، 2024

Representations of Identity and its Existence in Several Philosophical, Social and Psychological Fields: the Literary Field in General, and the Poetic field in Specific.

The Arabic Language department at the University of Mosul, discussed a dissertation on the “Representations of Identity in Poetry of Ahmed Bakheet on Friday, May 2, 2024.

The dissertation, presented by Sarah Mahmoud Mohammed, tackled the representations of identity and its existence in several philosophical, social and psychological fields, particularly in the literary field in general, and the poetic field in specific.


The committee was headed by: Prof. Ibraheem Jandary Humnaa

With membership of:

Prof. Ayad Abdulwadoud Othman, Assistant Prof. Baydaa Hazim Sadoun, Assistant Prof. Abdulghaffar Abduljabbar Omar & Mohammed Younis Salih.

Advised by Prof. Ghanim Salih Sultan