About the Department of Arabic

The Arabic language department was established in the academic year 1974/1975. Initially, it was not an independent department but was part of a joint department with the English Language Department, known as the Department of Languages. The two departments separated in the academic year 1978/1979, becoming two independent departments. In that same year, the first batch of students graduated from the Arabic Language Department with a total of 67 male and female graduates. The department accepts students who have completed their preparatory education in either the scientific or literary branch, as well as qualified licensed teachers, with the aim of preparing a teaching staff capable of combining academic scientific specialization with a proficiency in the Arabic language and its sciences for secondary school teaching. Graduates are awarded a bachelor’s degree in Arabic language and literature.

The department introduced postgraduate studies in language and literature for master’s degrees in the academic year 1994/1995, and for doctoral degrees in the same year. With the start of the academic year 1995/1996, evening classes were also introduced.