Rehabilitation and Employment Unit

Rehabilitation and Employment Unit

The Unit of Rehabilitation, Employment, and Follow-up for Students and Graduates at the university is dedicated to changing societal perceptions regarding reliance on government jobs and waiting for them. It aims to promote an entrepreneurial culture among different segments of society and raise awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship for individuals, the economy, and society in order to contribute to reducing unemployment and poverty. The unit focuses on developing the capabilities and skills of graduate students so that they can apply and compete for jobs after graduation through various training and qualification programs during their studies. Additionally, it aims to establish collaborations with the public and private sectors to market these graduates.

The Employment Unit serves as a link between the labor market and the university. It facilitates the transfer of market requirements to the university to align curriculum development with market demands. The unit provides efficient and cost-effective methods for employers to find top candidates for job positions while helping job-seeking graduates find the best employment opportunities in the job market. The unit adopts an innovative recruitment approach by providing qualified and exceptional staff in various disciplines required by companies, institutions, engineering offices, and administrative bodies, keeping up with the developments in modern education.

Vision: To provide employment opportunities for graduates based on their academic qualifications.

Mission: To enhance the scientific and technical capabilities of university students and support them through rehabilitation and training programs, as well as seeking employment opportunities in both the public and private sectors.


  • Supporting small and medium-sized enterprises by localizing jobs and providing employment opportunities for young individuals of both genders.
  • Promoting partnerships between the university and the public and private sectors to provide job opportunities.
  • Meeting the demands of the public and private sectors for qualified national personnel in various fields and genders.
  • Contributing to reducing the unemployment rate among graduates and improving their job productivity.


  • Conducting courses on resume writing, personal interview techniques, and commonly used English terminology in interviews.
  • Organizing workshops to change misconceptions in society about job dependence and waiting, and promoting an entrepreneurial culture among different segments of society.
  • Hosting an annual job fair that brings together employers, students, and graduates, including workshops and lectures that highlight employer requirements and the skills available in students.
  • Following up on students who have been hired by companies.
  • Encouraging students to establish their own projects.
  • Conducting studies and providing proposals for curriculum development that align with market requirements.

Dr. Hatem Ahmed Awaid

Head of the Unit of Rehabilitation, Employment, and Follow-up

College of Education for Humanities

Email: [email protected]