Women Empowerment Unit

Women Empowerment Unit

Overview of the Women Empowerment Unit:

The Women Empowerment Unit is one of the most important units that seeks to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women through mechanisms that enable them to rely on themselves and empower them. This makes development more inclusive and participatory between men and women. Thus, development is not just social care for women, but a social development aimed at empowering women to possess economic and social power, enabling them to rely on themselves and continuously improve their conditions while participating in decision-making processes.


To activate the role of gender equality in a society characterized by justice and equal opportunities, in order to achieve the fifth goal of sustainable development.


The Women Empowerment Unit signifies the advancement of the reality of Iraqi women, the preservation of their achievements, and the establishment of a positive societal culture and a supportive national environment for their roles through a participatory approach with all relevant stakeholders.


  1. Women’s participation in leadership positions.
  2. Women’s participation in committees and public positions.
  3. Providing non-traditional educational and training opportunities for women.
  4. Women’s participation in the decision-making process.
  5. Developing plans, programs, and all activities related to women and monitoring their implementation.