11 April، 2020

Announcement of holding training courses at college of Engineering

under thepatronage of the rector of Mosul University, Prof. Dr. Kossay Kamalaldeen Al-Ahmadi and supported by Dean of collegeofEngineering Prof. Dr. Bayar Jafar Al-Sulayvani, college of Engineering hold a training courses on interactive software and electronic that supports e-learning under thecurrent circumstances.The following courses will be held on Sunday12/4/2020using the interactive program ” Meet ” :
-course on thedefinition ofprofessional program LatexTo write researches and thesis and training to use it. delivered dr.Farhad Ezzaldeen Mahmoud and dr.Saad Wasmi Osman at 11:00pm on the following link :
– Atraining course on usingofmodels to conduct electronic tests given by Asst. LecturerAhmed Idris Ahmed Al-Ghanam and Asst. Lecturer Ali Ghanem Saber promptly at3:00 onthefollowing link :
https://meet.google.com/gjh-kknm-wwuNote all training courses that will be held by College of Engineering will be on the unified link for the following electronic class
https://meet.google.com/gjh-kknm-wwuThank you for participation