8 September، 2022

Announcement by Al-Rafidain Engineering Journal

With the support of College of Engineering Deanship for Al-Rafidain Engineering Journal and to encourage publishing and citing the journal’s researchThe editorial board of Al-Rafidain Engineering Journal is pleased to announce the possibility of publishing free for researchers from outside Iraq, or research in which a researcher is from outside Iraq.With granting a letter of thanks from Dean of the College to each researcher who publishes a joint research with researchers from outside Iraq.A letter of thanks is also given from Dean of the College to each researcher who uses the journal’s research as sources for research published in journals indexed within Scopus database.You can view the terms of publication and the mechanism of publication by entering the journal’s website. (To enter the journal, click here (https://rengj.mosuljournals.com/) , as well to learn about the registration mechanism on the journal page and send a research ,the following files can be viewed (the mechanism for creating an account in the journal) (http://uomosul.edu.iq/…/datafo…/_20220112_055110_950.pdf),Steps for submitting a research paper to the journal (http://uomosul.edu.iq/…/datafo…/_20220112_055227_700.pdf).