2 December، 2023

Participation of lecturers from College of Engineering in a workshop at University of Dortmund, Germany

A group of lecturers from our college participated in a workshop at University of Dortmund, Germany for the period from Nov. 26, 2023 to  Dec. 01, 2023, where their participation was part of a delegation from University of Mosul’s colleges.

The workshop included many important and diverse topics, including discussing the ideas of the projects presented and how to develop it and ways to transfer information between the lecturer and the student effectively to serve the eighth international student conference within RESI project , which will be held at university of Mosul in early February for the academic year 2023/2024. lecture on human rights and how to employ them in the proposed projects, meetings with Dr. Heike Wendt to develop projects and prepare them for the student conference and how to design and successful and effective media using social media programs, in addition to field visits to heritage and cultural buildings, waste recycling station, and the International Olympic Stadium of Dortmund.

The workshop concluded with a series of discussions, recommendations and thanks to University of Mosul and the faculty staff participating in the workshop.

the participated lecturers in the workshop each of: Assist. Prof. Raed Salem Al-Numan, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdulwahid, Dr. Reem Ali Taleb, Assist. lecturer Rawya Marwan Abdulaziz, and Assist. lecturer Abdulhakeem Nabeel Yahya.