Dean Speech

Speech of the dean of the college of the Islamic sciences

Praise be to Allah and may peace  be on his prophet and all his households and companions…to proceed

Since the establishment in 2004, the college of Islamic sciences has been the supportive of the scientific process  and research despite the dark period that the city of Mosul has gone through in the previous years but, after the liberation it returned back again as the university of Mosul  with its colleges and professors has done to declare its acceptance to the moderation of the principles of sharia.

The college of the Islamic sciences, through its unified curricula approved by the committee of the Deans of the colleges of the Islamic sciences adopts the principles of the mental construction for its students , in accordance with the provisions of the sharia which calls for peaceful,  co-existence, and respect for other religions.

The college always urges its staff to support the scientific research process through participating in the international and local seminars and conferences as well as encouraging the writing of scientific and methodological books, which support the new curriculum of the ministry. 

The college of Islamic sciences has three departments :


-Faith and Islamic thoughts

-Hadith and its sciences

There is a declared intend to open new departments in the college ,if God will, an example, a department of contrastive religions, which is needed by the college in particular and the city of Mosul in general. 

As the college contains a scientific journal that receives all the scientific researches specialized in forensic studies and Arabic; In addition to that it includes a scientific library witha lot of diverse sources in forensic and humanitarians sciences to provide the post graduates and the undergraduates with all the resources and periodicals they need.


The college seeks to communicate with its counterparts in the Iraqi universities through scientific agreements and participation in the educational activities that support the scientific process . Last but not least we ask Al- Mawla, the Exalted, the Majestic to help us to serve our university and our beloved country.

Prof. Dr. Taha Hamad  Mukhlif

Acting dean of the college of the Islamic sciences