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Praise be to Allah and may peace  be on his prophet and all his households and companions…to proceed

Since the establishment in 2004, the college of Islamic sciences has been the supportive of the scientific process  and research despite the dark period that the city of Mosul has gone through in the previous years but, after the liberation it returned back again as the university of Mosul  with its colleges and professors has done to declare its acceptance to the moderation of the principles of sharia. Read More

Prof. Dr. Taha Hamad  Mukhlif

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The college of Islamic Sciences was established in 2004 to join the family of Mosul university. The period of the study is four years by which the graduates are granted Bachelor certificate in Islamic sciences. Read More


The Sharia Department, founded in 2004, examines Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh), its principles, and comparative jurisprudential research. It broadens students’ intellectual perspectives and improves their research and analytical skills to help them adopt and implement Islamic law’s goals. Read More

In 2004, the Department of Creed and Islamic Thought was founded, and its Bachelor program offers instructions on the tenets of Islam. The department’s mission is to equip students with the foundational knowledge of Islamic sciences to become effective educators in the Ministry of Education’s Islamic education program. Read More

The Department of Hadith and its Sciences was founded in 2017 and offers a Bachelor of Islamic Sciences degree specializing in Hadith. The department aims to educate a generation of young people capable of carrying the Islamic message based on the tremendous Prophetic traditions (Hadith) and their proper interpretations. Read More


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