Department of Sharia



  1. Developing the department and its professors to be researchers specialized in Sharia and its purposes.
  2. Activating the role of the scientific committee in order to enhance the role of scientific research and enrich the college with effective research.
  3. The Sharia department works to be the center of excellence in the area of forensic education and scientific research in response to the needs of the community in accordance with programs to enhance the function of the University of Mosul in achieving its mission.
  4. The department seeks to achieve the highest degree of proficiency in thescientific and cognitive qualification in its specialty.


  1. Explain the comprehensiveness of the Islamic sharia and its validity to keep abreast of the facts and developments that occur in every time and place and highlight the correct image of Islam as revealed by God.
  2. Supporting the educational institutions and academic specialists in forensic science to promote the values and tolerance of Islam.
  3. The sharia department seeks to create a scientific environment in accordance with quality system standards and university performance in the fields of education and research. It also rehabilitates distinguished scientific and intellectual scientists in the field of forensic. This allows them the ability to participate effectively in serving the community and outstanding performance in the areas of theoretical and practical.


  1. To prepare specialists in fiqih and its origins to serve the society and to provide it with useful forensic science.
  2. To rehabilitate the students to engage in scientific research in Islamic law in the side of fiqih and its origins.
  3. To meet the needs of the society for education, advisory, teaching and guidance.
  4. To contribute effectively by establishing a knowledge society by providing it with specialists in Islamic Sciences.
  5. To actualize the role of the positive religious discourse and connect it with the society.
  6. Caring of fiqih and its sciences especially in the fields of rooting and inference.
  7. Standing scientifically and correctly on the purposes of the sharia and its secrets, this helps to makesincere preachers.
  8. To prepare students to do the task of teaching concerning Sharia sciences and its purposes.


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