Department of Hadith and Its Sciences


To disseminate the human culture that recognizes the deep cognitive dimensions of Hadith Sharif and deals with the narrow ideas in order to promote cultural and social levels against the cultural and social absence. At a time when Islam is subjected to attacks of distortion and intrigue to show the world that Islam is a religion, which adopts terrorism, murder, and sabotage, forgetting the prophets saying (may Allah peace be upon him):” Neither of us called for intolerance, nor of us who fought on intolerance, and none of us who died on intolerance “. It also unifies the curriculum which helps in the unification of visions, ideas, and goals because the Hadith sharif scientific and social status affects directly in both the scientific and ethical sides that estimate the Islamic societies.


Activating the role of Hadith to occupy its true place among the Islamic sciences as the second source of Islamic legislation, including the actual sunnah of the prophet and imams of the prophet’s households (peace be upon them),and their behaviors, actions and sciences.


Raising a generation of young people who are able to carry the Islamic message based on the Hadith Sharif and launched from the source of authenticity and its correct source and unify the vision of students to lead them to the unity of Muslims especially in our Iraqi society due to the great role played by the college of Islamic sciences in Iraqi society in particular, and the Islamic nation in general.


Academic Program Description

2022 -2023


Course Description