Department of Islamic Belief and Thought


1.Work on the development of the department to promote the scientific and cognitive level of the lecturers and students together.

2.Developing the curriculum of the department periodically ensures the convoying of the educational process and its directories of the scientific progress and its manifestations.

3.Common cooperation with the corresponding departments, colleges, schools relating to the educational directorate, and the secondary schools relating to Sunni and shiai endowments to make the benefit of the scientific power of the students and the scientific experiences of the professors.


Working in various scientific, intellectual, and educational fields to prepare the generation with a balanced and improved central thought that is committed to establish the Islamic thought and works effectively to bridge the gap with the other, to unite the row, and educate the society to reject the sectarianism and seeks to immunize the society against manifestations of hyperbole and extremism.


  1. Developing the scientific faculties in a way that keeps pace with the techniques and methods of contemporary teaching to promote educational process according to the modern scientific programs that increase the area of scientific and intellectual horizon of the students of the department.
  2. To achieve synergy between the university and the community by guiding students to the most successful means to benefit the society through scientific activities and diverse contributions of the society.
  3. To promote scientific research with the scientific results and outputs, this coordinated with the scientific contemporary requirements and outputs to match the society’s need for all scientific products in the department.
  4. To spread the values of mediation and moderation by working on to lay the foundations of moderate Islamic thought. In addition to that immunize the university and the society from the dangers of destructive ideas.


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Academic Program Description