Virtual Library

The library is founded in our college in 28.2.2012. Mrs. May, who is assistant head of research, was chosen to be a member of the virtual library link. Registration in the library is done through the member of the link who represents our college. This is done by filling in a form where the subscriber record his name, job title, pass name, passcode that are chosen by him, and finally, mentioning his/ her mobile number. An informing letter will be sent to him/her telling about the acceptance.Then, the participant can use the library to enter the net and write the Iraqi scientific virtuallibraryin the search field and then choose the first site anda window will open with a login password that is indicated by the subscriber. After that, two fields will be appeared where the pass name and the passcode that were chosen when registering have entered. Thus, the library will open for him to browse and download the books he wants. The number of the participants in the virtual library in our college is thirty-eight lecturers, eight post-graduates, and the member of the virtual library link as well. An accurate guide on how to use the virtual library has been designed by the member of the virtual library link in the college. Moreover, the fore mentioned guide is copied and distributed to all participants to make their search in the virtual library easily and apparently. Thus, the reverend associate dean has dispatched a letter of thanks in regard for the efforts made in the designing of this guide. In conclusion, it is worth to mention that an introductory workshop about the virtual librarywas held in our college.