Dean Speech

It gives me a pleasure to welcome all our dear students, faculty members at the College of Political Science, all its affiliates and graduates, and all visitors to the college’s website and official page.


The College of Political Science is one of the young colleges at the University of Mosul, as it was opened in 2002, after it was transformed from the Department of Political Science in the College of Law into an independent college. University and its mission.

The college is interested in building political culture and providing the community with academic expertise that can contribute to the process of maturing political awareness, especially since many political concepts are still vague and cause confusion in society. This college seeks to produce outputs that are able to read political events correctly through its various curricula in international relations, political systems and political thought, which makes them qualified to enter many fields of work. In the field of security, media and other diverse fields.

And in pursuit of the college for excellence and leadership, it has been keen to prepare scientific cadres in all scientific ranks and to provide the available capabilities for its teachers to transform into applied research and to serve the educational process and adopt various projects by opening prospects for cooperation with local community institutions, believing that education is the most important pillar of development and that getting out of the walls The university is the real work of academics by interacting with all the problems of society and developing effective solutions for them.

Working in the spirit of one team is the motto of the College and its owners, and the College of Political Science will remain determined to prepare outputs capable of contributing to the progress and prosperity of our country through a cohesive society dominated by the principles of citizenship and democracy, and in a way that contributes to building a more beautiful Iraq.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Tareq Mohammed Taib Thaher Al-qassar
Dean of the College of Political Science
University of Mosul