International Relations Branch

The Branch is interested in teaching curricula related to the vocabulary of international relations, foreign policy, diplomacy and strategy, and subjects that related to the external environment of the state and its political and social relations with other states.

Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Branch


The Branch of International Relations seeks to meet the needs of the community in terms of qualitative development of human resources in the areas of knowledge and value, and work towards meeting the needs of the labor market. The vision is based on the desire for development, leadership and focus on keeping pace with advancement, considering that the Arab-Islamic civilization is a major source of creativity.


The Branch of International Relations seeks to broaden political knowledge, where its graduates work in a wide range of roles that involve occupying appropriate jobs in international organizations and in the management of private institutions as a responsible for international relations as well as working in research centers and political and strategic studies. The Branch also seeks to prepare cadres of graduates and qualify them to occupy Government jobs that require special preparation of diplomatic and consular skills, as well as acquiring experience and knowledge in international relations.


  •  Developing curriculum and ensuring that they meet the needs of the community.

  • Improving the quality of education, developing skills, and focusing on the aspects of creativity.

  • Developing and promoting academic staff’s competency by creating professional development opportunities.

  • Promoting the culture of scientific research in the field of international relations.

  • Paying attention to educating students to reach an outstanding level.

  • Enabling the students to acquire the ability to predict political phenomena.

  • Preparing and qualifying students in the field of international relations and providing them with a high level of knowledge in their field of specialization.

Council Members of the Branch of International Relations

Former Heads of the Branch of International Relations

Teaching Staff Members

Dr. Mohamed Maysir Fathi (Head of the Branch)

A number of Branch’s teaching staff members