Vision, Mission and Objectives


1- Excellence in scientific specialization, both in terms of acquisition and performance, to become at the forefront of colleges in the field of political science, and to be a leader in serving and developing society and dealing with its issues and developments. And the use of all modern technologies to achieve excellence steadily and clearly

2- Adopting and developing the performance standards that enable it to reach high levels of performance quality in order to enable it to gain academic accreditation. This is done through developing its academic and research programs, attracting qualified talent, strengthening cultural and scientific ties with universities and Arab and regional scientific bodies, and establishing fruitful partnerships with them, as well as raising the level of administrative and financial achievement and providing the best services.

3- Achieving the highest level of interaction between the college and the community with its various institutions.

4- Raising the level of the university student scientifically and intellectually and developing his skills

.5- Rehabilitation and development of academic competencies and administrative and technical cadres.

6- Forging partnerships with various institutions, universities and academic institutions in line with the college’s specialization.


Preparing specialized cadres in political science and leading in conducting research and studies and transferring knowledge in order to serve and develop society.


1- Preparing specialists with a high level of readiness in political science in proportion to the responsibilities that you invest and that await them in the field of professional work.

2- Develop students’ abilities in the direction of analytical and creative thinking.

3- Cultivating the authentic moral and Islamic values ​​of our society through an integrated educational climate with academic education programs.

4- Focusing on scientific research and its basic role in serving the community and solving its problems.

5 – Encouraging the development of postgraduate studies in the video viewing program in the academic year 2009-2010.

6- Continuous and renewable development of scientific research methods and curricula to ensure keeping pace with the rapid and successive changes in political science and the development of books and university literature.

7- The permanent and continuous development of continuing education programs in the field of political science with the aim of raising the performance skills of state employees and activists of civil society institutions.

8- Consolidating the foundations for building a unified society and raising the spirit of citizenship.9- Holding scientific conferences and symposia.10- Building scientific bridges with the community in order to achieve communication and interaction between the university and the community.