Our College in Brief

The establishment of the College of Political Science dates back to 1985 when the Department of Political Science was opened in the College of Law and Politics. In 1999, the department was reopened within the College of Law and Politics as well, after it was closed in 1990. In 2002, the Department of Political Science was transformed into a new independent college within the formations of the University of Mosul under the name of the College of Political Science, which includes two branches: the Public Policy Branch and the International Relations Branch. The first class was graduated in the year 2004, and by 2010 the postgraduate studies (Master’s) in political sciences were opened, and the college is still a rich scientific tributary at the University of Mosul, and nearly 1,500 students were graduated from its study seats, and in the academic year 2018-2019, they were accepted about 150 students in first grade, In the same year, about 50 students graduated from its seats, and the College of Political Science works with a vision that works to achieve high interaction between the college and the community by raising the level of students scientifically and intellectually and developing their skills through programs to develop cognitive performance and develop academic and administrative competencies. Therefore, the college aims to develop student’s abilities in the direction of creative analytical thinking and prepare specialists with a high level of knowledge in political science by focusing on sober scientific research and keeping pace with the development in the political, research and theoretical field.

College Guide