Public Policy Branch

The Branch is interested in teaching curricula related to the vocabulary of ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary political thought, and subjects that related to the political systems, the internal structure of the state and its relations with the society.

Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Branch


The Public Policy Branch looks forward to improving the academic level of the department’s staffs, creating the appropriate atmosphere for teaching, and providing all requirements to achieve this goal in order to reach the point of meeting with the society in its scientific, cognitive and humanitarian fields.


The Public Policy Branch focuses on teaching general concepts to provide state departments in its various sectors a qualified and efficient cadre who would be capable of carrying the burden of responsibility, with scientific and political capabilities that qualify them to occupy positions in the diplomatic corps, international organizations, provincial councils, and to be experts in the field of political consultancy.


  • Enhancing the scientific level of the public policy Branch’s lecturers by participating in various courses and familiarizing them with modern teaching methods in Arab and international universities.

  • Developing scientific research methods in the field of public policy.

  • Helping students to learn about various political developments by all means.

  • Strengthening the relationship between the student and the lecturer through the educational guidance unit.

  • Encouraging students to participate in scientific research and supporting them to participate in scientific conferences.

  • Developing the cognitive and scientific level of the college students in various fields by hosting specialized lecturers in the various scientific and humanitarian fields.

Council Members of the Branch of Public Policy

Former Heads of the Branch of Public Policy

Teaching Staff Members



A number of Branch’s teaching staff members